Community Connections

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Light the World with Love

The Light the World with Love Initiative is an invitation for everyone “to play a part in the Christmas story.” It aims to inspire people to live the principles of Christlike love through small, daily acts of service.

A calendar is available with daily prompts of service ideas, and ways to be positive this holiday season. It could be to compliment a stranger, or post about someone who inspires you. Give to your local food bank, or bring a treat to someone you’ve been thinking about. The daily prompts invite you to be a LIGHT to someone else. We invite you to join us in Lighting the World with Love this holiday season and make it brighter then ever before.


Start: 2021-11-30
End: 2021-12-26

Flashbax Pinball Tournament

Start: 10/20/21
End: 02/16/2022